Indicator Panel MTF (MACD, RSI, Momentum, Stoch, CCI)

This script shows the values of MACD , RSI , Momentum, Stoch , CCI for current and higher time frames in a panel. if higher time frame is equal or smaller than current time frame and it doesn't show the values for HTF.

And also it shows if their values are increasing, decreasing or equal to last value with "▲", "▼", "="

The signal length for all indicators is 9 and used EMA .

histogram value is indicator value - it's signal value. with this value you can see that indicator and its signal getting closer or not. you may think it's as momentum.

Some functions and idea is used from following scripts:

Thanks to Lucf for the following script:

Thanks to Ricardo Santos for the following script:

リリースノート: a few improvement
added an option for panel location


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