Trend Following with Bollinger Bands

This is a trend following system which uses the Bollinger Bands instead of the Donchian Channels .

Long position:
* Price closes above the middle line.
* The fast EMA (in this case the 40 ) crosses over or is above the slow one (in this case the 120)

Short position:
* Price closes below the middle line.
* The fast EMA crosses under or is below the slow one.

* 4 ATRs away from the price.
リリースノート: Replaced the multiplier in the position size formula with syminfo.pointvalue in order to get a more accurate position size.
リリースノート: Reverted the pyramiding setting from 4 back to 1 to keep the system simple and the max drawdown low.
Added a visual ATR trailing stop, so you know where to put your stoploss.
リリースノート: Adjusted the position size formula.
Improved the stoploss multiplier.

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