D, W, M_CPR + Camarilla + Value Area _ By Soumya

All in one pivot points of combined D, W, M CPR , Camarilla & Value area. Inspired by Pivotboss book.




Thank you for such a nice indicator as open source
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very nice tq so much but i have some clarification....
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Hello Soumya, Firstly hatsoff to all of your efforts to write this coding.. but i have concern using this indicator can you please update the indicator with Tomorrow CPR as well. I tried to use the Tomorrow indicator by removing the comments but failed due to some parameters issue. Please provide an update version of CPR indicator where I can use this for Daily, Weekly Monthly and Tomorrow CPR with Resistance and Support Levels. these selection should be with Check boxes for all not like LOV selection to change every time. If we have check box usage then we can use which one we would like to add in the selection criteria we can check them and see the levels for them..
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@SVELURI, you can check my another indicator all in one pivotboss.
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Very nice work done. Can you please tell me the formula for "Money Zone".
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Hi i am getting this error, pls check
Pine cannot determine the referencing length of a series. Try using max_bars_back in the study or strategy function.
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mahacivil5 contratrader
@contratrader, try 15 minutes chart
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Hello Soumya, thanks for the script. Can you tell me where have you got the implementation for the value area, since it is not mentioned in the book's Appendix B itself ?
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How can we scan narrow value area stocks mam?