Quantum CDV Histogram

This script is an addition to Fixed Quantum Cdv.

It shows vector cdv ratio in columns.

You can select the length as an input to how many bars to look back for the whole calculation.

The green bars represent the bullish values and the red bars the bearish values.

The green line represents an ema of the bullish value and the red line the ema of the bearish value.

The momentum ema (in purple) represent the cdv ratio (bullish - bearish).

When the momentum ema is at 100% or more it’s a good sell opportunity and when the momentum ema is at or under 100% it’s a good buy opportunity. It is not financial advise. Make sure to make your own analysis. This script help to make entries, but do not enter positions only based on this signal.

In the inputs you can select the emas that you want to display on your histogram.

The original script is the Cumulative Delta Volume by LonesomeTheBlue.

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