Heiken Ashi Triangles at the Top and Bottom of Screen

Heiken Ashi Triangles at the Top and Bottom of Screen

The image below shows the comparison to actual Heiken Ashi candles
(Though changing from candles to Heiken Ashi tends to smooth the triangles a little)

Dec 10
リリースノート: Spelled Heikin-Ashi correctly
Dec 28
リリースノート: Added Multi-Time Frame settings thanks to the recommendation of @Candoit2
お気に入りスクリプトから削除 お気に入りスクリプトに追加


This is great. Could youmake a MTF version?
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@Candoit2, Thank you and gladly but ill have to do it next weekend
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@Candoit2, sorry i wasnt able to put the time into the script this weekend. Next weekend I will for sure
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Candoit2 KondrackiKarl
@KondrackiKarl, No problem. I am just glad you are interested in trying it. I appreciate your efforts.
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@Candoit2, Its finished and I am very glad you asked for the modification! I will be using this also :)
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