Show the price and volume occurrence levels for a determined price range.
リリースノート: fixed some issues were the bars wouldnt display, thx Ari Fayn for the solution.
added a optional, label to display stats.
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How its different from volume profile?
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can u have the EW pattern
Hello somehow the charts doesnt put anything on the chart, i just puts a strainght line. thanks for making this indicator.
dhosha Crypto_Anarchist
@Crypto_Anarchist, I am running into same issue. @RicardoSantos
@dhosha, issue is due to the bar time resizing the scale of bars
SergioGarofoli SergioGarofoli
I'd like to see if it can be set up a time range to analize.
As input
RicardoSantos SergioGarofoli
@SergioGarofoli, its possible this was a 1st attempt to lay down ground work, will have to work on it later for improvements :)
Thanks a lot, really. A really good improvement would be to add more precision on low volume bars
@Kevin_V, unfortunely not possible atm, lines have a limit of around 50 per indicator.
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