Volume Profile Premium

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Hello, my friends, this is a new fine-grained volume profile indicator. As is known to all, the volume profile indicator is a charting tool that shows how much volume has occurred at each price throughout the trading session. The volume profile indicates the prices favored by the market or those ignored by the market, which can give traders clues as to where prices are likely to go shortly.

(1) Indicator description
  • This indicator is based on the function "request.security_lower_tf". See the related usage note for details if you need it.
  • Support for obtaining volume from a lower timeframe than the current chart and calculating a more fine-grained volume distribution
  • Due to the increased complexity of the calculation, you need to set a reasonable timeframe to avoid calculation timeout.

(2) Key parameters
- Support/Resistance Clustering
  • Max of Lookback Forward: The maximum number of historical K-lines
  • Min Resolution (Minute): lower timeframe, unit: minute
  • Display Volume Profile: ways to display volume profile
  • Rows of Volume Profile: rows of volume profile
  • Placement of Volume Profile: location of volume profile
  • Width of Volume Profile: width of volume profile
  • Horizontal Offset: horizontal offset of volume profile

Happy trading, and enjoy your life!


各位朋友大家好,这是一个具有更高细粒度的成交量分布指标。众所周知,成交量分布是一种图表分析工具(或指标),它显示了在整个交易时段内每个价格上发生了多少成交量。 成交量分布指出了受到市场青睐的价格以及被市场忽略的价格,这可以为交易者提供有关近期价格可能走向何方的线索。

(1) 指标说明
  • 该指标基于 request.security_lower_tf 函数,详情可以查看相关使用说明
  • 支持从比当前图表分辨率更低的时间周期获取成交量,并计算更加细粒度的成交量分布
  • 由于增加了计算复杂度,您需要设置合理的时间周期以避免计算超时
    (2) 关键参数
    - Volume Profile Parameters
  • Max of Lookback Forward: 用于统计成交量分布的最大回顾的K线数量
  • Min Resolution (Minute): 细粒度的时间周期
  • Display Volume Profile: 展示成交量分布的方式
  • Rows of Volume Profile: 成交量分布的行数
  • Placement of Volume Profile: 成交量分布的位置
  • Width of Volume Profile: 成交量分布的宽度
  • Horizontal Offset: 成交量分布的水平偏移

2022-09-11 Bug fix

Hello everyone. I found that the historical data obtained by function was wrong in the real-time bar state. However, in the history bar state, the historical data obtained by this function was correct. Hence, I have fixed this problem and added support for real-time mode. In addition, I am still working on fixing the problem of long computation time. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Happy trading, and enjoy your life!



2022-12-30 Bug fixing

Hello, my friends. I have adopted several faster calculation methods to update the script Volume Profile Premium. In addition, I found that the calculated volume profile is incorrect in the "replay" mode. Although I have fixed this problem, enabling the "realtime" mode in the "replay" mode will still lead to incorrect results. I suggest disabling the "realtime" mode in the "replay" mode. I'm trying to fix this problem for flexible usage. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Happy trading, and enjoy your life!


各位朋友大家好,我采用了一些更快的计算方式更新了Volume Profile Premium脚本。此外,我发现在"回放"模式下,计算出的Volume Profile是不正确的,虽然我已经修复了这个问题,但是在“回放”模式下,使能“实时”模式依旧会导致错误的结果,我的建议是在“回放”模式下取消使能“实时”模式。这个问题我正在想办法修复,感谢您的理解和支持。


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