MA+ ROC MTF Dashboard

This is a Multi Timeframe moving average ROC (percent of change) dashboard.
This dashboard shows percent of change of current price to a moving averages on different time frames.
Most left value in the dashboard always represents your chart time frame, while the next 3 represent other time frames which you can set in 'MA+ ROC' settings.
Support User Defined time frames or automatic time frames based on a multiplier value.
Better define same or higher time frames than your chart time frame to get accurate results.
Can work in conjunction with MA+ to display the moving average line, click here:

Like if you Like and follow-up for up coming new indicators:
リリースノート: Added option to change text color for white backgrounds.
リリースノート: Some cleanup.
リリースノート: Major update!
Added new header with titles of Moving Average type and length and time frame.
Added Moving Average values. (before it was only percentage).
Now you can visually see Moving Averages on chart! Note: You can change colors/style of line or disable plotting of MA's at MA+ ROC MTF Style settings.
Better gradient for background.
Improved logic.

Appreciation of my work:

Premium Pivot Points Algo Indicator:

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