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The "Smart Money Breakouts" indicator is designed to identify breakouts based on changes in character (CHOCH) or breaks of structure (BOS) patterns, facilitating automated trading with user-defined Take Profit (TP) level.

the indicator incorporates essential elements such as volume analysis and a data table to assist traders in optimizing their strategies.

🔸Breakout Detection:
The indicator scans price movements for "Change in Character" (CHOCH) and "Break of Structure" (BOS) patterns, signaling potential breakout opportunities in the market.

🔸User-Defined TP :
Traders can customize the Take Profit (TP) through the indicator settings, with these levels dynamically calculated based on the Average True Range (ATR). This allows for precise risk management and profit targets that adapt to market volatility.

🔸Volume Analysis and Trade Direction Specific Analysis:
The indicator includes a volume checker that provides valuable insights into the strength of the breakout, taking into account trade direction.

🔸If the volume label is red and the trade is long, it suggests a higher likelihood of hitting the Stop Loss (SL).
🔸If the volume label is green and the trade is long, it indicates a higher probability of hitting the Take Profit (TP).
🔸For short trades, a red volume label suggests a higher likelihood of hitting TP, while a green label suggests a higher likelihood of hitting SL.
🔸A yellow volume label suggests that the volume is inconclusive, neither favoring bullish nor bearish movements.

🔸Data Table:
The indicator features a data table that keeps track of the number of winning and losing trades for specific timeframes or configurations.
This table serves as a valuable tool for traders to analyze performance and discover optimal settings and timeframes.

The "Smart Money Breakouts" indicator provides traders with a comprehensive solution for breakout trading, combining technical analysis of changes in character and breaks of structure, volume insights, and performance tracking while dynamically adjusting TP and SL levels based on market volatility through the ATR.
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