The Golden Pivots

The Golden Pivots indicator is a combination of the following:

1. Central Pivot Range
2. Floor Pivots
3. Camarilla Pivots
4. Monthly, Weekly, Daily Highs and lows
5. Candlestick Setups

All the pivot calculations are based on Secret of Pivot Boss book by Frank Ochoa.

One can also view tomorrow's central pivot range by today end of the day.




is it possible to add tomorrow camarilla levels in advance??
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@Nanda86, yes you can. In the script H3 and L3 levels of Camarilla will be visible when you click on Show Tomorrow's pivot
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Tapas321 Nanda86
@Nanda86, thank you very much
Can you please add the H4 and L4 for tomorrow. Kindly help
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This is really the "The Golden Pivot". Thank You Sir.
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@Selvanagarajan, you are welcome

Master Of The Pivots ...
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@ZAQDA, Frank Ochoa is the master :)
I want to add "Y" (for yearly pivots) in pivottimeframe variable. How can i do that??

I tried this: "D","W","M","Y"
but pinescript was showing error... PLZ guide me.
The best configured CPR I have seen as yet. However there are so many lines. Would be great if you could label the lines...
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