Dynamic Point of Control (POC)

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The Dynamic Point of Control (POC) indicator provides traders and analysts with insightful information about price levels, volume distribution, and sentiment within a specified historical range.

Instant Updates: POC recalculates with every new bar, keeping you ahead of the game.
Market Bias: Assess market sentiment through bullish volume share.
Customization: Tailor inputs to match your unique trading strategy.
Chart Presence: See POC and related data graphically on your price chart.

How to Use:
Traders can use the Dynamic POC indicator to identify Point of Control price level, understand volume distribution, and gauge market sentiment. The indicator's visual cues and customizable parameters make it a valuable tool for technical analysis and decision-making.
Minor bug fixes... (colorLine)
Minor changes:
  • Removed smoothing feature.
  • MA (Moving Average) now shares the same input length with POC (Point of Control).
Incorporated an indicator description as comments within the code to provide better context and understanding

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