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This is a sample script of libHTF to use HTF values without
import nazomobile/libHTFwoRS/1

HTF candles are calculated internally using 'GMT+3' from current TF candles by libHTF.
To calcurate Higher TF candles, please display many past bars at first.
The advantage and disadvantage is that the data can be generated at the current TF granularity.
Although the signal can be displayed more sensitively, plots such as MAs are not smooth.

In this script, assigned ➊,➋,➌,➍ for htf1,htf2,htf3,htf4.

HTF candles
Draw candles for HTF1-4 on the right edge of the chart. 2 candles for each HTF.
They are updated with every current TF bar update.
Left edge of HTF candles is located at the x-postion latest bar_index + offset.

ADX/+DI/DI arrows(8lines) are shown each timeframes range.
Current TF's is located at left side of the HighLowBox.
HTF's are located at HighLowBox of HTF candles.
The top of HighLowBox is 100, The bottom of HighLowBox is 0.

HighLowBox HTF
Enclose in a square high and low range in each timeframe.
Shows price range and duration of each box.

In current timeframe, shows Fibonacci Scale inside(23.6%, 38.2%, 50.0%, 61.8%, 76.4%)/outside of each box.
Outside(161.8%,261.8,361.8%) would be shown as next target, if break top/bottom of each box.
In HTF, shows Fibonacci Level of the current price at latest box only.

  • 1 for current timeframe.
  • 4 for higher timeframes.(Steps of timeframe: 5, 15, 60, 240, D, W, M, 3M, 6M, Y)

HighLowBox TrendLine
Draw TrendLine for each HighLow Range. TrendLine is drawn between high and return high(or low and return low) of each HighLowBox.
Style of TrendLine is same as each HighLowBox.

HighLowBox RSI

RSI Signals are shown at the bottom(RSI<=30) or the top(RSI>=70) of HighLowBox in each timeframe.
RSI Signal is color coded by RSI9 and RSI14 in each timeframe.(current TF: ●, HTF1-4: ➊➋➌➍)

In case of RSI<=30, Location: bottom of the HighLowBox
  • white: only RSI9 is <=30
  • aqua: RSI9&RSI14 <=30 and RSI9<RSI14
  • blue: RSI9&RSI14 <=30 and RSI9>RSI14
  • green: only RSI14 <=30
In case of RSI>=70, Location: top of the HighLowBox
white: only RSI9 is >=70
yellow: RSI9&RSI14 >=70 and RSI9>RSI14
orange: RSI9&RSI14 >=70 and RSI9<RSI14
red: only RSI14 >=70

blue/green and orange/red could be a oversold/overbought sign.

20/200 MAs
Shows 20 and 200 MAs in each TFs(tfChart and 4 Higher).

  • current TF
  • HTF1-4
  • 20SMA
  • 20EMA
  • 200SMA
  • 200EMA
due to library updates.
Bug fix:
  • 20SMA of HTF3 was referring wrong SPAN.

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