Tilson Bull-Bear-Marker

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The Tilson Bull-Bear marker is using 2 Tilson moving averages and their divergence to identify bull and bear trends and reversals (potential entry or exit points).

How to use it:
Fast T3 (thick line) above thin line / solid blue fill color = ongoing bull trend
Slow T3 (thin line) above thick line / solid red fill color = ongoing bear trend
Shrinking or expanding divergence between the lines = trend is getting hotter or cooling down
Fast T3 (thick line) changes color from blue to red = potential trend reversal from bullish to bearish
Fast T3 (thick line) changes color from red to blue = potential trend reversal from bearish to bullish

(No financial advise, for testing purposes only)
New Revision
- added markers (triangles) and corresponding alertconditions (

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