indicator StrategyBITMEX5 FOR LONG BUY2

This indicator was developed for trading using RCI .
It performs well in day trading and swing trading.

* Signal conditions for long entry *
It is displayed when the short-term RCI crossovers the lowerband.

* Take profit condition *
It is displayed when the short-term RCI crossunders the lowerband.

* Optimized the entry conditions using CM_Williams_Vix_Fix created by ChrisMoody.

Hello everyone!
I am very pleased with your evaluation.

This script is a masterpiece of the current stage of successful development of a technical analysis of cryptocurrencies over two years.
This has been published for cryptocurrency fans like you, but it may be closed in the near future.

If you like this indicator, please support money for my activities.

We would like to use that money as an activity cost for further indicator updates and better strategy development.

This development work is very hard and requires careful attention, but I am passionate about making them successful.

The amount of money does not matter.
The value you felt was that amount.





Thank you.
リリースノート: Entry filter adjustment
リリースノート: I made it easy to catch the buying opportunity of the big market.
This logic corresponds to the current market price from 2017.
リリースノート: A new entry logic has been added today.
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