The On Balance Volume & Accumulation Distribution Ribbon

CryptoMedicz アップデート済   
Medic trades using "Smart Money Concepts", and Medic's system revolves around the one taught by MentFX (i.e. Structure, Supply/ Demand Zone , and Confirmation). While this system per se doesn't require the use of a volume indicator, Medic has come to respect the OBV and Accumulation / Distribution .

The OBV Ribbon is available in many a shape and form, but Medic wanted something more responsive, and the OBVAD is just that.

This ribbon works across all time frames, and allows users to visualize what is happening behind the scenes of The Trigger indicator.

The Ribbon applies 11 DEMA of different periods to the cumulative sum of SpaceTrader's OBV/AD formula: volume*(close-open)/( high-low )*hlc3.

The Ribbon is able to identify the general trend, and changes into a blu ein an uptrend, and purple in a downtrend, and also potential reversals by means of divergences.
Updated formula to make it crypto-friendly using hlcc4 instead of hlc3
Fixed notification errors.
Two main changes:
-Added a 377 DEMA which provides a higher true positive rate in detection of a trend change.
-Added divergences uses average of Ribbons 1 to 8 to look for divergent price action.


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