Average Volume Profile

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Average Volume Profile is an abstract based on a user suggestion.
The information displayed could be summed up as a volume profile divided by a market profile.

This indicator is a profile which displays the average volume of an area (of price).
It also calculates and displays the highest average volume point (HAV) and the relating value zones (calculated in the similar fashion to a volume profile).

Most of the code is directly from my "Volume/Market Profile" Indicator

I am not entirely sure of how to make use of the information displayed in this indicator or how useful it is.
However, I have added some things I figured would be useful to comprehend this information, such as:
- Read-out for highest average volume
- Read-out for current price average volume
- Read-out for current candle distributed volume (labeled as: "Vol")
- Floating line to visualize the current distributed volume in relation to the rest of the profile.
- Color changing labels for when the current distributed volume is higher than the current price avg volume.

- Added some extra notes

If you like this script I'd recommend checking out the script this is based on for a direct volume or market profile, and detailed notes on the profile function.

Volume/Market Profile


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