Berzerker Index

Some pairs have their own distinct behavior. That includes volatility , news reactiveness, trend x chop day discrepancy, and other qualities.

At first, I tried to measure this with the Choppiness Index , but it looks pretty much alike when you compare symbols like EURNZD and GBPCAD , but my testing shows some major behavioral differences between the two. Hence, I decided to build my own measurement which I later decided to call Berzerker Index.

• The calculation takes the previous value and adds 1, 3, 7, or 15 depending on how many standard deviations the price beats.
• Deviations use Jurik Moving Average as a central line. If there is no new penetration, the total value will not be increased.
• At the end of the value update, the result will decay whether it is changed or not. The readings decay significantly faster if the price is between the bands.
The beginning of the calculation is the beginning of the chart. There isn't any period for the calculation.

As you can see, from the beginning of the year, the maximum readings on EURNZD are 49.8 and 73.6 for GBPCAD . This is what I wanted to achieve - find some way to clearly differentiate the pairs. Later, I went on EURUSD to confirm the results. EURUSD should be a calmer pair and it shows 33.5 which supports the theory.

The symbols with small bars and explosions on events and bank meetings will reach high values, whereas those that are more predictable with less extreme movements will be found below 45.

Lastly, you may identify long periods of continuous descend on the indicator as setting up for a large explosion. This is not the original idea but could work nevertheless.

Of course, I will further update this indicator if I get improvement ideas...


► Does this repaint?
• No.

► Where is the buy signal?
• There isn't one. The purpose is to study repeated behavioral patterns of different symbols, not to drink from the holy grail.

► Why is it called the 'Berzerker' Index?
• I don't know.

I used @everget's version of Jurik's Moving Average with his consent.

What do ya thing?

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