Koby's 3 average MACD indicator

This MACD is averaging 3 different MACD ; KAMA MACD , ZLEMA MACD , and normal MACD .

Can find easier MACD's divergence and convergence than normal MACD .

And more smoothly drawing than ZLEMA MACD (KZ_MACD) which is I've made before.
リリースノート: Add a long term macd.
リリースノート: Add text. Crossover 0, and cross under 0 message.
リリースノート: Changed signal line to zero lag EMA base, and cross signal text.

You can select signal line; zero lag EMA or normal EMA.

Default is zero lag EMA signal.
リリースノート: Change default transparency.
リリースノート: Can select KAMA MACD. And changed histogram style.




Good Day. I love your indicator man, it gives more info than regular MACD. It would be great if you could add the reverse function of the indicator so we can see in an info panel at what price crosses occur, this will add more power to it. here is the link . take care
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