Koby's 3 average MACD indicator

This MACD is averaging 3 different MACD ; KAMA MACD , ZLEMA MACD , and normal MACD .

Can find easier MACD's divergence and convergence than normal MACD .

And more smoothly drawing than ZLEMA MACD (KZ_MACD) which is I've made before.
リリースノート: Add a long term macd.
リリースノート: Add text. Crossover 0, and cross under 0 message.
リリースノート: Changed signal line to zero lag EMA base, and cross signal text.

You can select signal line; zero lag EMA or normal EMA.

Default is zero lag EMA signal.
リリースノート: Change default transparency.
リリースノート: Can select KAMA MACD. And changed histogram style.

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