Mirror MACD by Trader Jay

This is my take on the metatrader indicator, the mirror macd . Works pretty good on Forex, haven't tested on anything else

Enter long after the Blue Line Cross Up the Red Line and EXIT after the Green line Cross Up the Red Line (above the Blue Line).
For the opposite position : ENTER SELL after the Red Line Cross Down.
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What's the difference between this indicator and Lazybear's same name indicator. BTW, I found this one very useful, and I have't used Lazybear's.
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Awesome indicator could you please explain a little bit more about the idea behind this strategy or how you build it ?
Regards from germany
jaymaynard84 lukaskuemmerle
@lukaskuemmerle, I use this strategy on the daily chart using the Mirror MACD, TEMA 26, and the look back MA.
-If price is below LBMA then I only go long, ignore short signals
-i try to only take trades where price crosses TEMA 26 and Mirror MACD signal at the same time
lukaskuemmerle jaymaynard84
@jaymaynard84, thanks for sharing your insights. I use a simple RSI and combine it with a mirror MACD. So good to know these different types of variations. Keep the good work up.
Awesome indicator have been using it well on the 4 hour charts - thank you!!