Days in range

This script is a little widget that I made to do some homework on the VIX.
As you can see in the chart I was analyzing the 2008 market crash and the stats that followed it after until the market started to recover.
You can see that theory in my "Ideas" tab.

This is an interactive set of lines that you can use to count the the bars inside and outside of your chosen range, and the percentage outside that range.
You should initially enter the price range of your product in the menu and set some arbitrary dates that you can easily see on your chart.
Drag and drop the lines around to suit what price and the dates you are analyzing.
The table will display the bar count inside and outside of the range, the total bars, and the percentage outside that range.

I personally used this as a tool to study the overall average of the product, compared with the behavior during major market events.
It is currently my opinion that post 2020 analysis needs to take into account the behavior of any given product prior to 2020 when the
VIX was in its comfort zone. Not to say that a price valuation hasn't been set, but that the movement to that price was outside of "Normal Market Conditions,"
and the time factor to return to that value might be skewed. Other factors would need to be considered at that point pertaining to your specific product or corelating indicator.
I could see this tool being useful to Forex and commodities traders. But that isn't my field so that that for what it is. I do think it would perform best on something that is more
pegged to a price range. I personally would use it on product's, like the VIX, that I use as an indicator product. That is what it was designed for.

But I suppose it could be used for Mean price and time related analysis, maybe with a Vwap, SMA or other breakout style indicators.
Volume analysis might be pretty sporty. Possibly time patterns... the possibilities could be endless. Or... limited.

I am publishing this for my trade group so that it can be tinkered with to find other helpful ways to use it.
If anyone finds something interesting with other indicators, please drop a comment below and I could consider creating a script to integrate with this tool.

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