Breakout Candles + RSI


This is my firt script :)

This indicator looks for candles that are significantly larger than the previous X candle.

It is possible to set the following:

Multiplier: deviation from the size of the previous X candle (if set to 3 the size of the actual candle's body /abs(open - close)/ must be larger than the size of the bigger candle from the prevous X candles)
Previous candles: the number of previous candles to size check
Upper RSI limit: if the RSI14 close higher than the specified number, the candle will ignore
Lower RSI limit: if the RSI14 close lower than the specified number, the candle will ignore
Without dojis: if checked, watches candles only that do not have a bottom spike (bullish) or top spike (bearish). Useful for Heikin-Ashi candles

Feel free to left any suggestion!

Thank You!

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