NG [All Moving Averages]

Collection of some of the best moving averages.
I've tried to collect them all but TV became so slow, that it was completely unusable.
So i left only those that performs best on various backtest systems.
Apr 07
リリースノート: zlema updated
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Noob inquiry... how does Line 193 ever get called ?
PositiveLogic PositiveLogic
Never mind. I examined the script now associated with this title from TradingView's Indicator menu and see there were changes not reflected here. Cheers ~
1) you can speed up a calculation of the script by using standard sma() and ema() functions instead of loops in variant_ema and variant_sma.

2) in variant_zerolagema you should round `(len - 1) / 2` expression, because `len - 1` can be odd number, and whole expression value can be float.
NGBaltic everget
@everget, i left code in purpose for people who would like to copy functions into other platforms
everget NGBaltic
@NGBaltic, ok
Great comparison study! However, You fell for the zero lag bait. If you look carefully, your zero lag is just a double ema. I would go back and look at the Ehler's writeup on the proper calculations ;)
NGBaltic 1996anoojpatel
@1996anoojpatel, thanks for heads up, fixed the script
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