TRIX Ribbon [ChuckBanger]

This is a TRIX indicator. You can read more about it here:

The trix indicator is usually only trix and a signal line. This indicator has 5 signal lines. The TRIX line has the color blue. The first has the color aqua and then lime, orange, red and the last is the maroon line. The first signal line is an EMA of the TRIX line, the second signal line a double smoothed EMA of the trix line and the third is triple smoothed TRIX line and so on.

TRIX is similar to MACD . As both is a momentum indicators that fluctuate above and below the zero line. Both have signal lines based on some sort of moving average (usually EMA ). In this indicator the trader can set what moving average the trader prefer. The biggest difference between TRIX and MACD is that TRIX is the smoother of the two and are less jagged and tend to turn a bit later.

The most common signal is signal line crossover in the same manner as the MACD and its signal line. But this indicator has 5 signal lines. If this was a typical TRIX indicator it should only has the blue and aqua line (the line closest to the blue line). How you trade it is up to you. But for example you go long when the blue line crosses the aqua line. And because the all the is based on the TRIX line you can use the other crossovers as an confirmation signal.
リリースノート: Fixed some spelling error and added the ability to use VWMA (Volume-Weighted Moving Average) as MA type


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