zint_whale アップデート済   

- Consists of a thick trend line and a thin yellow line.

- The largest (green/red) lines indicate rising and falling markets.
- This line represents the 13-candle moving average of Tilson T3.
- The reason for 13 candles is because it best matches the recent market price based on Bitcoin.
- This value cannot be changed, so if you need it, please modify the public code and use it.

- The yellow line is the MA20 line, the ‘Bollinger Band center line’
(UI will show whether this line has been breakout)
- The same algorithm as 20 of the basic moving average (close standard) is applied.

- The algorithm for breakthrough is calculated based on real-time prices, not based on closing prices.
An additional short-term SMA is created, and whether it crosses the SMA is classified as a breakout/resistance.

How to use it
- If the trend line becomes gentle, it may indicate a change in trend when + MA20 is broken.

- While the slope of the trend line is steep, it indicates that the trend is difficult to change.
(If the trend changes at this time, it is likely to move sideways)

- If the trend changes continuously, it is a sideways market.
At this time, watch out for the movement of the end point where the sideways trend ends.
Rev. 1.01

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