ADX Volume Trend

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Thie indicator is a modified and upgraded version of the popular ADX tool.
ADX is used to determine the strength of a trend, and also to determine the direction in which the trend is likely to go.
With this script, I have added in the formula the usage of volume, leading to the following functionality.

The length is used to determine the period to calculate the trend strength and direction, and the average is used to then determine the oscillator and to confront the previous line.
The volume average determines how many volumes bars the indicator should use to determine if a volume bar is above or below average if volume mode is selected.

With the volume mode on, you'll get the DI+ and DI- lines, which are by default displayed as a histogram that calculates the difference between the two lines, called "Directional difference", are calculated using also the volume in the formula, multiplying the normal output by the volume multiplier. I suggest using this mode in high-volume markets.
The trend strength difference is the area calculated using the difference between the ADX line and his moving average and can be used to analyze divergences in the swing points.

It has a lot of improvements and new functionalities, like:
- Histogram to show the output at best
- Averages to compare the data
- The option to include the volume inside of the formula
- Other options and esthetic changes

This indicator is created to improve the usability of the popular ADX indicator, including the very important variable of the volumes, in fact, it's the best to use for the Volume Spread Analysis.
This upgrade of the script changes the formula for the volume-integrated mode improving the volume multiplier formula.
Additionally, as requested, I've added the feature to change the bar color according to the direction of the histogram of the oscillator.


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