Session Zones

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How is this different?
After reviewing a handful of session zone based indicators I decided to create this one not seeing exactly what I wanted, even this one only comes partially to my goals. This indicator will add session coloring on the chart in a vertical orientation, up to five sessions currently can be utilized. Timezones can be supplied that are compatible with Trading View so that session times specified in settings can be non-market timezone specific. In a future update I plan to add alerts for price reaching certain sessions, styling of the session zones may change overtime as PineScript feature enhancement allows.

How to use this?
Supply session ranges, color and disable any unneeded, the table at the top right will display whether or not price action is in or out of enabled sessions.

Which market is it meant for?
Any market.

What market conditions does this apply to?
Any condition.
  • Added option to hide the table
  • Added option to alert entries and exits on each session


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