Ersoy Trader (Fibo Follow)

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website: http://www.ersoytoptas.com
Newspaper : http://tr.investing.com/members/36623/op...

This is a very Line in in scripts, you have to select this line
and this line is progressing with Fibonach Digits
want to just developed more this script to specify the buy and sell points
お気に入りスクリプトからの削除 お気に入りスクリプトに追加
study(title = "Ersoy Trader(Fibo-Follow)", shorttitle="Ersoy Trader(Fibo-Follow)", overlay=true)
///Stock Quotes & works in all ..///
///Private Fibonachi-35///
length11 = input(title="Private Number-35", type=integer, defval=35)
offset11 = input(type=integer, defval=0)
source11 = close
lsma11 = linreg(source11, length11,offset11)
plot(lsma11,color=black,title="Private Number-35")
///Private Fibonachi-55///
length12 = input(title="Private Number-55", type=integer, defval=55)
offset12 = input(type=integer, defval=0)
source12 = close
lsma12 = linreg(source12, length12,offset12)
plot(lsma12,color=black,title="Private Number-55")
///Private Fibonachi-89///
length13 = input(title="Private Number-89", type=integer, defval=89)
offset13 = input(type=integer, defval=0)
source13 = close
lsma13 = linreg(source13, length13,offset13)
plot(lsma13,color=black,title="Private Number-89")
///Private Fibonachi-144///
length14 = input(title="Private Number-144", type=integer, defval=144)
offset14 = input(type=integer, defval=0)
source14 = close
lsma14 = linreg(source14, length14,offset14)
plot(lsma14,color=black,title="Private Number-144")
length = input(title="Back Line-236 ", type=integer, defval=236)
offset = input(type=integer, defval=0)
source = close
lsma = linreg(source, length,offset)
plot(lsma,color=red,title="Back Line-236")
length1 = input(title="Back or Forward Line-382", type=integer, defval=382)
offset1 = input(title="Offset", type=integer, defval=0)
source1 = close
lsma1 = linreg(source1, length1, offset1)
plot(lsma1,color=blue,title="Back or Forward Line-382")
length2 = input(title="Back Line-500", type=integer, defval=500)
offset2 = input(title="Offset", type=integer, defval=0)
source2 = close
lsma2 = linreg(source2, length2, offset2)
plot(lsma2,color=red,title="Back Line-500 ")
length3 = input(title="Back or Forward Line-618", type=integer, defval=618)
offset3 = input(title="Offset", type=integer, defval=0)
source3 = close
lsma3 = linreg(source3, length3, offset3)
plot(lsma3,color=blue,title="Back or Forward Line-618")
length4 = input(title="Back Line-764", type=integer, defval=764)
offset4 = input(title="Offset", type=integer, defval=0)
source4 = close
lsma4 = linreg(source4, length4, offset4)
plot(lsma4,color=red,title="Back Line-764")
length5 = input(title="Forward Line-1000", type=integer, defval=1000)
offset5 = input(title="Offset", type=integer, defval=0)
source5 = close
lsma5 = linreg(source5, length5, offset5)
plot(lsma5,color=lime,title="Forward Line-1000")
length6 = input(title="Forward Line-1382", type=integer, defval=1382)
offset6 = input(title="Offset", type=integer, defval=0)
source6 = close
lsma6 = linreg(source6, length6, offset6)
plot(lsma6,color=lime,title="Forward Line-1382")
length7 = input(title="Forward Line-1618", type=integer, defval=1618)
offset7 = input(title="Offset", type=integer, defval=0)
source7 = close
lsma7 = linreg(source7, length7, offset7)
plot(lsma7,color=lime,title="Forward Line-1618")
length8 = input(title="Back Line-2618", type=integer, defval=2618)
offset8 = input(title="Offset", type=integer, defval=0)
source8 = close
lsma8 = linreg(source8, length8, offset8)
plot(lsma8,color=red,title="Back Line-2618")
length9 = input(title="Forward Line-3618", type=integer, defval=3618)
offset9 = input(title="Offset", type=integer, defval=0)
source9 = close
lsma9 = linreg(source9, length9, offset9)
plot(lsma9,color=lime,title="Forward Line-3618")
length10 = input(title="Back Line-4236", type=integer, defval=4236)
offset10 = input(title="Offset", type=integer, defval=0)
source10 = close
lsma10 = linreg(source10, length10, offset10)
plot(lsma10,color=red,title="Back Line-4236")
Youtube Videolar : http://bit.ly/lemnosch
Newspaper : http://bit.ly/2zvZWAt
Nicely done, do you have any updated version that you want to share?
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yes.. there is.. but im testing .. coming soon :)
https://www.tradingview.com/x/wi55WEOI/s/ intersection Fibonachi Levels example
this is based on Fibonacci Moving average ?
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Lemnos QuantitativeExhaustion
hi JR , New see .. but update .. indikator ... this old indikatör ..
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Lemnos QuantitativeExhaustion

Example ... levels intersection .. 55 Days Fibonachi RATE , 144 AND 236 intersection point .. value point
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