Evolution Fractals with IB

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A standard fractal high has two lower high (or equal high) candles to its left and right.
For standard fractal low fractals this is vice versa.

-But this indicator plots has the option to plot standard fractals only after candle close is confirmed.
So if the current candle is still forming in live markets, only after this candle has fully closed, then the indicator checks if the fractal is valid and then plotted.
You can select this option On or Off
(with the standard fractal indicator there is a fractal plotted, but when this candle high (or low ) is broken again, the fractal disappears. This re-painting of fractals can cause confusion.

-Added an alert functionality.
When setting an alert on your chart, you can select this indicator to alert you upon the forming of a new fractal high or low.

-Added optional Inside Bar function.
When a candle High/Low does not breach the previous candle High/Low, then a different body color can be shown.
This is particular handy to quickly if this high/low is breached, without having to zoom in on the chart.
Added remark to switch Off the 'Plot only confirmed fractals' option, during backtest/replay
Made the Inside Bar a 'real' inside bar.
So the high must be lower than the previous high and the low must be higher than the previous low.
// Added option to plot the Inside Bar only when the current bar has closed. (Choosing a white inside bar color on a white background, could cause the price line and price on the scale to disappear (both white))

Contact: evolutionranger1@gmail.com

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