VWAP y Standar Deviation

This script presents the real VWAP (Yellow line), in 50 period VWAP (Blue Line) and the 120 period VWAP (Red Line). Additionally, it presents the values ​​of 1 and 1,618 standard deviations of the VWAP of 50 periods.

This confirmation allows to visualize the behavior of the price in realicon to the VWAP key indicator that represents the midpoint of the operating volumes in a period.
This script evaluates the deviation of the price in relation to the average of the volume traded in the different periods.

The indicator settings allow changing the length of the VWAP for custom settings. Standard deviations are determined based on VWAP 2. VWAP 1 is a reference for determining the global trend of movement in the established period.

The upper and lower limits of the representative Standard Deviation of 1.618 (Fibonacci Number) are used as confirmation of continuation of a trend once crossed by the price.

During the ranges the 1.618 limits of the Dev. Standard are used as entry and exit points of the operation (For this it is necessary to adjust the VWAP 2 to the studied temporality and the operated asset)


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