News Alert

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Intention Of This Indicator

  • This indicator allows you to enter daily news release times, and it will warn you before and after that news release time ( to help you stay out of trading news )
  • This indicator is not intended to display news releases automatically. You must manually enter the time you wish to display news in the inputs

This indicator Draw / Displays the following

  • A line displaying where the news release is going to happen ( only according to your time input settings )
  • A box that surrounds the news release ( only according to your time input settings )
  • A table in the bottom right corner that shows you when there is Active News ( only according to your time input settings )


  • Inputs to change the aesthetics ( colours etc. )
  • Numeric inputs to modify the placement News / Area
  • Toggles to activate or deactivate features


  • This indicator does not guaranteed to work for every instrument ( always test before use! )
  • This indicator is not guaranteed to be accurate, or error free.
  • You must manually enter the news time inputs, this indicator does not automatically show you when there is a news release
Added a input option to change the location of the news warning label

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