wnG - Spikes Identifier

This indicator, based on the ATR, allows you to identify the potential reversal on price and helps you identify the Support and Resistance .

When the price moves far away from the multiple moving average, the background color changes :
- Red for Short potential entry
- Green for Long potential entry

There are 2 ways to use this script :
- Conservative : Use it in your trading system to Take Profit ==> when the background turns red, close LONG position (and green = close short).
- Aggressive : As soon as the background turns red, enter SHORT (and green = long).

For aggressive use, I recommand you to couple this script with an oscillator to confirm the signals ( RSI stochastic for example).

You can customize the sensibility with 4 levels :
- low probability of reversal
- medium probability of reversal
- high probability of reversal
- very high probability of reversal

PS : the "High" and "Very High" probability setup are the only one I'm using in my trading systems.
リリースノート: 2022.05.22 UPDATE (minor) :
- added switch ON/OFF for background colors
リリースノート: 2022-06-11 update :
Alerts added after request ;)

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