RSI, EMA, SMA Trendtrading - Oil Daytrading 1H

The Unitrend trading System produces trading recommendations on a pure Trend basis.
It is a Score based system.

--- How to use the System --
Simply adjust your capital you want to risk per trade and your TP Factor.
The TP Factor is the multiple of your risked Capital, also known as Risk/Reward ratio.

Furthermore you can toggle between a always Buy mode, to see if the System is better then market.
Compounding mode helps you to get a better understanding of your maximum drawdown with a total equity based approach.

--- How are Signals produced? ---
A score of 2 or 3 is a BUY signal.
You can count the score by looking at the lines above 1, or by reading the color.
Green is 3, yellow 2, orange 1 and red is 0.

The score is calculated by 3 conditions.
Each applying condition yields one point for the score.
The score resets each bar.

The rules are:
RSI > 45: Well known indicator, usually looks for reversal points but seems to produce above average results when above 45.
EMA(RSI) > SMA(RSI): My approach to momentum detection for the RSI movement, I consider a faster growing RSI as a good thing.
EMA(close) > SMA(close): My approach to trend detection for the market movement. Common Wisdom would be a fast SMA > slow SMA which I found to be too slow for the modern market.


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