Sebastine Trend Catcher

Sebastine Trend Catcher captures trends in any time frame in a very simple fashion. Green line crossing up above the signal zero line is uptrend. Red line crossing down the signal zero line is downtrend. The indicator line is presented by default as a step line, which gives an idea on how the trend moves inside the bigger trend. But it should be specifically understood that a trend starts only when the indicator crosses the signal zero line. The ups and downs in the indicator step line until crossing signal zero line is only small corrections and bounces inside a trend. Sebastine trend catcher captures trends smoothing prices in 2 steps. The indicator banks profusely on the idea of jackvmk’s Heiken Ashi Candles. The indicator presented in a centred oscillator fashion in a bottom panel helps understand the main trend and its different shades inside the trend in a clearly discernible manner with sharp entry signals when crossing zero line. The indicator could be used from Daytrading to Investment Trading. As usual this indicator too could produce overshoots and error signals and be better used with other indicators. The settings can be varied and experimented for any given scrip, timeframe or stock exchange.

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