Buy the dip in Bull Market by Benson

Buy the dip in Bull Market by Benson

This indicators is used for showing buying timing in bull market, buy BTC when the index is below 0.

牛市作多指標 By Benson
在指標下穿零軸時買入 BTC
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Nice and Trendy indicator. Could you please let me know more about it. When do you enter the bull market and when do you exit. I dont understand what you mean by cross below the important starting point. Any other advice? Thanks in advance.
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Saw your Video on YouTube.Been back testing for several times using virtual acc, it was great!
Great indicator which boost up my confidence in the position bought it. Appreciate that!
Is there any suggestions or precaution that need to be taking care of?
@HwThor, the most important part is to identify whether BTC is still in bull market or not. As I said in the video, there are 2 signals can indicate the bull market is over
1. cross below 89MA
2. cross below the important starting point
jeromr2 bensonsuntw
@bensonsuntw, whats your youtube channel??
I highly respect you, not only for being a professionalan honest gentleman an honest gentleman. very much not what I can say about so many frauds out there that fish innocent Through Vt To scam them.Ask me about them,So far I got scammed by three.
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