Linear Regression Angle

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There are several Linear Regression indicator in the Public Library, but I don't think there is one that converts the Linear Regression ( LR ) curve into angle in degrees, relative to a set reference frame. Due to the large price range between tickers, creating this indicator isn't as straight forward as I originally thought. For example, given the same time period, a stock that fluctuate in the 10's will have a true linear regression angle dramatically different from a penny stock. Even changing the scale on your chart will affect the "apparent" angle you see on the chart. Hence, this indicator DOES NOT provide the true linear regression angle, but only a relative one based on a defined number of historical bars.

Originality and usefulness
This indicator provides Linear Regression ( LR ) Angle in degree that may be more easily interpreted by some traders as we are more accustomed to line angles in degree and know how to visualize them.
This script also provides the option to overlay up to four LR curves of different periods, as well as an average curve of the enabled curves. This allows traders to analysis short to long term trends.
Furthermore, slope ( rate of change ) of each LR curves can be toggled. The slope plot can help traders visualize accelerations and decelerations of the LR curves which may help in spotting trend reversals.
Data table provides real time data for each curve.

Example of using slope plot with a 30 bars Linear Regression Angle:

Added options to toggle line shadow on/off
Added 2 more columns onto Data Table for trend analysis and direction:
- Bullish = angle > 0, Bearish = angle < 0
- Accelerating = angle and rate of change are in the same direction
- Decelerating = angle and rate of change are in the opposite direction

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