Covid-19 CFR, Difference Indicator [Bitduke]

Simple indicator to track case fatality rate and difference in deaths | recovered cases for novel coronavirus. It could help to trace the impact on the stock market and cryptocurrencies.

Case fatality rate ( CFR ) - an indicator equal to the ratio of the number of deaths from a disease to the number of patients with this disease for a certain period of time. That is, if CFR = 30% it means one died, two cured out of 3 infected.

The percentage change between recovered cases

The percentage change between deaths

It can be assumed that if we consider bitcoin as a store of value, then when the situation getting worse ( CFR + deaths difference increase and recovery difference decreases) bitcoin price tends to rise and vice versa.

But this is only an assumption that requires additional tests; there is still little data for a robust statistical analysis.



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