[FrizLabz]FVG Bar

For those of you that like to keep your charts nice and tidy for your Technical Analysis!

FVG = Fair Value Gap
Fair Value Gaps are when impulse movements create an imbalance in price leaving unfilled orders.. they are popular because after one is created we often observe price return to fill these unfilled orders
3 candles make a FVG
When the high/low of most recent candle is lower/high than the low/high of the bar before last

Similar to my other FVG indicator but this one allows you to delete Filled FVGs and have them adjust when filled

Uses a line whose x1 and x2 are on the FVG bar and adjust the size of the FVG with line width because line width on line.new()s doesnt have a cap on line width like plot()s do
Not much too it I made this because a few people were asking if they could delete the FVG after it was Mitigated and since my other uses plots it wasnt possible
so I hope this works for those who were asking about it

hope you enjoy please let me know if you have an idea or find a bug,
Thank You! -

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