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The stocks in my portfolio has very poor performance since the FED hiked the rate.

since the covid-19, i came to the stock market and buy a stock that i ever heard the name which i don't even know its fundamental.
Some stock, i bought them at the hilltop (and sell at the bottom, hehe).

Everyone is a genius in a bull market ; and now i realized i am gonna loss money.

I have to do something, so i looked for an indicator that allow me to manage my portfolio.
unfortunately, i cannot find one that fit me.

so i make this indicator.

How you can get the benefit from this indicator
This indicator will summarize the gain/loss since you bought the stock.
it also include the dividend.
So that you can see how much you gain and loss, and make a decision as you wish.

How to use it

1. Input some neccessary data like ticker/stock (up to 20 tickers, yeah i know, it is too much), share, average price which you can input manually or depend on your entry date.
2. The indicator will calculate gain/loss, dividend, % of your portfolio.
3. You can select how to display based on "Index" or "Market Value".
4. You can toggle on/off both label and table.

This indicator may display inaccurate and need a lot of improvement.
pls use carefully.

if you have any suggestion, pls dont hersitate to comment below.


Symbol error fixed.
  • Rearranged the script.
  • Added stop loss, take profit based on price, percent and ATR.
  • Added alert if market price hit entry price, stop loss price and target price.
  • Reduced number of asset from 20 to 10 assets for better performance.


1) Use at your own risk.
2) Next improvement : Portfolio benmarking, CAPM.

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