Tool: Auto Target Price

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The Target Price (TP) is according The Rule of Price Movement. It uses as Target Price for Intraday / Short-term Trader.
With these three categories of price:

1. Price less than RM0.20
2. Price in between RM0.20 - RM1.00
3. Price higher than RM1.00

Each categories with TP1, TP2, TP3.

If your budget is constant, the highest the stock price you purchased, the amount of profit will getting less. The movement of price is more to get same amount of profit compared with lowest stock price. This rule I learned from group of traders, but I found it inconvenience that I have to calculate every times for every trades. I will be trading a lot of error if I do so. Thus I think of to make this rule to an indicator for convenience use.

Pro: Other than Using BB, Support and Resistant, Fib and so on as Target Price, this may be a good reference.
Con: Stock Price which is extremely high may not work well ,because the categories of price is only till price higher than 1.
It may need some adjustment for higher stock price as TP.

Updated: 27/02/21
Updated: 30 Jun 2021
Thanks to @RozaniGhani-RG tidy up the code!

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