123 Trend Continuation Pattern

This simple indicator will help identify the 123 Patterns on the charts. It's build based on the zigzag indicator , which will work as a guideline to identify the 3 points. As soon as the price crosses the third point, the indicator will draw 3 lines: entry, take profit, and stop loss. Those lines will work as a reference and may help with other indicators. This kind of analysis will work on any time frame and symbol, but those markets that have high volatility may have better result




I am still not understood, why people are not making this type of indicator, this indicator === big money
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What is the best inputs
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I am waiting for this indicator from long time, you really made my day come true. Just quick feedback, Though I am changing high/low length value, but still the pattern is not changing, can you please fix the issue. very very thanks to you
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junax1919 amazedAnalyst95584
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Great indicator!
Can you please add alerts 😁
Amazing work!!!
Please add alerts 😁
Nice indicator, but is it also possible to set alerts when target is created?
Do you have the ability to add a Fibonacci filter like it won't count "2" if we don't get a 61.8 fib or which ever fib you select retracement?