Volume using Candle Range

Another way of finding out a rough estimate of the volume or how much bulls or bears were in control using only the range of the candlesticks in relation to the closing price. If the close is in the higher range zone then the volume is said to have been positive, if the close is in the lower range zone then the volume is said to have been negative. The close is compared to the midpoint of the candle to see how far from the midpoint the close was.

The columns bars show how far each candlestick's close price is to the midpoint of its high and low. It's possible for the column bar to be a different color than the candlestick itself if the close was above or below the midpoint. An average line is shown that takes the average of a given length amount of column bars. There is an option to show the absolute value only of the columns and the average line.

This is based on an idea I found about candlestick range bars implying volume. This is an attempt to put that theory into practice and to see if there's any truth to it. It's not exactly volume and may not always look like it, and it does not show how many trades took place but instead tries to use price in relation to the high and low range.

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