Syminfo analysis

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Allows you to track analysts' recommendations by symbol (both current and selected in Symbol input)
The table in the upper right corner shows information on the symbol:
    1. employees count
    2. shareholders count
    3. shares outstanding float
    4. shares outstanding total

The chart in the lower left corner shows Analyst rating from past 3 months, equivalently shows the number of analysts who say:
    1. Strong buy
    2. Buy
    3. Hold
    4. Sell
    5. Strong sell

The lines pointing to the right edge of the chart show analysts' price expectations for the year:
    - max price
    - average price
    - current price
    - min price
The area between current price and max price is filled with green color
The area between min price and current price is filled in red color
refactoring and add color for table cells
1. fix bags with current price line and label
2. add "+" in label

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