Honey Cypher

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Honey Cypher Aims to do 4 things
  • Momentum
  • Trend Strength
  • Overbought and oversold zones
  • Being the most beautiful indicator you ever see


The big yellow honey waves primary use is to see the momentum of the market, they can be used in a similar way you would use a MACD or Chaikin Money Flow

On this image you see the honey waves being plotted to the 30 minute timeframe while on the 5 minute chart to have an understanding of longer time momentum in the chart.

Trend Strength

Most tools of the indicator can be used for that but the yellow and purple slope strength lines are made specificaly for this. When you see them curl down you know trend is strengthening towards the downside.
The candle color is based on the amount of Honey waves sloping in one direction. This might be the best tool in the indicator to find Trend Strength. Bright yellow candles mean strong bears while the bright blue candles mean strong bulls.

Overbought and oversold zones

By analysing the waves on a chart you start to learn how big waves can get before a reversal or consolidation period arrives.

You can become profitable with the indicator. But to be honest, my primary focus in making this indicator was find ways to visualise alot of data in a clear and beautiful way.
You should use the indicator with some out of the box ideas instead of just trusting the signals.
  • Find a head and shoulders pattern on the top of a huge honey wave.
  • Find a bottom small wave while the others honey waves are in the opposite direction for entering a pullback.
  • Use the honey for direction but the yellow and purple slope line crosses for entrys.
  • Comment your own strategys, I made this open source to be able to get community feedback.

The Honey Cypher waves are calculated in a similar way as the MACD histogram. I've combined MACD formula with some of the lazybear formula. It looks for the distance between 2 moving averages to find trend strength. After that the end results get's smoothed out. It is very satisfying to change that as you can see the honey waves create a melting like motion on each change of smoothing.

Below a preview of the honey cypher moving average lines, all lines have a length that is based on the fibonacci number sequence. Honey cypher measures the distance between for example length 5-8 averages.

I hope this inspires coders to create very beautiful scripts.
Added nice code formatting which got removed in my transfer from v4 to v5

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