Drawdown Dynamics Indicator

The Drawdown Dynamics Indicator is a straightforward tool that offers insights into three critical aspects of an asset’s financial performance: Total Max Drawdown, Rolling Period Max Drawdown, and Current Max Drawdown. Inside of the indicator, you can select to view either the rolling period max drawdown or the all-time max drawdown. This is represented by the gray line. The blue line represents the asset's current drawdown.

  • Rolling Period Max Drawdown is more about a snapshot view, highlighting the maximum loss from a peak to a trough for an adjustable rolling time frame. This is a feature not available with other indicators that exist on TradingView.
  • Total Max Drawdown gives a broad view, showcasing the all-time deepest decline in an asset’s value.
  • Current Max Drawdown offers a live update, focusing on the asset's present phase and how it's performing in real-time.

Practical Uses:
The utility of this indicator becomes evident when you start exploring the risks and performance metrics of assets. A notable use of this indicator is in comparing the drawdowns of a trading strategy against the inherent drawdowns of an asset. It helps in painting a clearer picture of risk and performance of both the asset and the strategy.

  • Risk Understanding: By comparing the strategy drawdown to the asset drawdown, traders get to understand if the risk they’re taking aligns with the asset’s natural risk behavior.
  • Evaluating Strategy’s Strength: If a strategy can weather the storms of the asset's natural drawdown phases and come out relatively unscathed, it can speak to its strength.
  • Performance Comparison: It also acts as a benchmark tool. Traders can pit different strategies against each other, using the asset’s drawdown as a baseline, to see which one manages risks better.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Open-source scripts I publish in the community are largely meant to spark ideas that can be used as building blocks for part of a more robust trade management strategy. If you would like to implement a version of any script, I would recommend making significant additions/modifications to the strategy & risk management functions. If you don’t know how to program in Pine, then hire a Pine-coder. We can help!

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