Webby's Quick & Grateful Dead RS

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Webby's Quick & Grateful Dead RS combines a Relative Strength Line and Moving Averages to help traders hold a core position in a winning stock by identifying moments of strength and weakness in a stocks advance.

The Relative Strength (RS) line is something many investors are familiar with. It is used to measure a stocks performance versus the S&P 500 (default setting) and is typically calculated by dividing the closing price of the stock by the closing price of the S&P. This means if a stock moves up and the S&P moves down or the stock moves up more than the S&P the RS line will increase, if the stock moves down while the S&P moves up the line will decrease.

While the RS Line by itself is a powerful tool, adding moving averages to the RS line can help better understand trends. This work was done by Mike Webster (Webby) as he tried to reverse engineer how William O'Neil was able to hold some of his biggest winning positions.

This indicator plots the RS line along with two moving averages and clearly labels and alerts the 3 signals shared by Webby:
  • Quick Break - RS line crosses below the fast moving average
  • Quicksand - RS line moves lower than it was at the time of the Quick Break
  • Grateful Dead Break - RS line crosses below the slow moving average

To ensure your chart doesn't get skewed, please use the multiplier in the setting to adjust the vertical offset of the RS line and moving averages.
Update includes moving averages for different time frames and an increased default offset multiplier.
fixed a typo

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