Library "NumberOfSharesBuy"
Library for the number of shares purchased

SizeCalc(totalAssets, unit, lossPercent, maxLossPerShere) Calculate the number of shares to be purchased from the initial capital and the maximum loss per share
  • totalAssets: Initial capital
  • unit: A unit of the number of shares to be traded in one trade
  • lossPercent: What percentage of loss is allowed in one loss cut
  • maxLossPerShere: Maximum loss per share
Returns: Number of shares purchased
ライブラリ "株数に関するライブラリ"

SizeCalc(totalAssets, unit, lossPercent, maxLossPerShere) 初期資本と一株当たり最大損失から購入株数を求める
  • totalAssets: 初期資本
  • unit: 一回のトレードで行う株数の単位
  • lossPercent: 一回の損切で何%までの損失を許容するか
  • maxLossPerShere: 一株当たり最大損失
戻り値: 購入株数

In true TradingView spirit, the author has published this Pine code as an open-source library so that other Pine programmers from our community can use it freely. Cheers to the author!

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