Double MACD Pattern 1.0

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This script is designed to assist traders in identifying potential trading signals and trends based on the MACD indicator. Users can adjust the input parameters to fine-tune the indicator to their trading preferences. When specific conditions are met, alerts are generated to notify the user of potential trading opportunities.

Indicator Description:

The script defines a custom indicator that calculates and plots two sets of Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) lines along with their signal lines.
It allows users to configure various parameters for MACD calculation, such as fast and slow lengths for both MACD 1 and MACD 2, as well as signal lengths for both.

The script plots the MACD lines and signal lines for both MACD 1 and MACD 2 on the chart with different colors and line styles.
It also plots a middle line at zero for reference.

The script defines conditions for generating alerts based on MACD crossover and crossunder events for both MACD 1 and MACD 2.
Alerts are generated for the following scenarios:
A long signal is generated when MACD 1 crosses under its signal line while MACD 2 crosses over its signal line.
A short signal is generated when MACD 1 crosses over its signal line while MACD 2 crosses under its signal line.
An up trend signal is generated when MACD 2 crosses over MACD 1.
A down trend signal is generated when MACD 1 crosses over MACD 2.
Alerts are included in the script to notify users of these specific trading signals.

Please note that this script is meant for educational purposes and should be used cautiously in a real trading environment. It's important to have a thorough understanding of technical analysis and risk management when using such indicators in actual trading.
Fix text alerts.
This update includes a histogram pattern and 2 alerts for short or long potential conditions.
Fix Text Errors.
Price source updated.
Text error fixed.


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