MacroTrend Vision

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The "MacroTrend Vision" indicator is crafted with a singular goal – to provide traders with a quick and insightful snapshot of a country's global index. Seamlessly combining macroeconomic and technical perspectives, this tool is designed for those seeking a straightforward yet comprehensive overview. Let's explore the key features that make the "MacroTrend Vision" a valuable asset for traders looking to grasp both the big-picture economic context and technical nuances.

1. Long-Term Vision with Weekly Periods:
Gain a genuine long-term perspective with the ability to process 2500 weekly periods. This feature ensures a holistic understanding of global indices from both macroeconomic and technical viewpoints.

2. Composite Leading Indicator (CLI) Conditions:
Integrate both macroeconomic trends and technical signals through Composite Leading Indicator (CLI) conditions derived from the Relative Strength Index (RSI), offering a comprehensive outlook for informed decision-making.

3. Deviation Bands for Volatility Analysis:
Refine market analysis with strategically integrated deviation bands (0.2 and 0.4) based on smoothed linear regression. Anticipate volatility and potential trend shifts, aligning macro and technical insights.

4. Logarithmic Scale Transformation:
Enhance precision in understanding price movements with a logarithmic scale transformation, especially beneficial for assets with exponential growth patterns.

5. Separated Window for Easy Navigation:
Streamline your analysis with a user-friendly design – a separated window allowing easy navigation through different symbols without altering indicator settings.

6. Alert System for CLI Conditions:
Stay informed about critical shifts with an alert system for both long and close conditions based on the RSI of the CLI. Even during periods of limited chart monitoring, this feature keeps you connected to macroeconomic and technical changes.

In essence, the "MacroTrend Vision" is your go-to tool for a balanced view, simplifying the complexities of global indices with a blend of macroeconomic insights and technical clarity.
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