Litt Institutional Levels

The Litt Institutional Levels Indicator plots previous time periods Highs, Lows, and Closes. Institutions track these levels and will use them as support and resistance to enter and exit their positions. Not every algorithm is a machine-learning wizard. Institutions still use these relatively simple levels to conduct their trades. The best way to use The Litt Institutional Levels Indicator is to find overlapping levels. These areas or lines are called confluence levels and will act as a stronger level than a single line.

For the labeling.
1. Y stands for Yesterday
2. L stands for Last.
3. H stands for High
4. Low stands for Low
5. C stand for Close

For example, LMC would equal Last Months Close.
LQH, would equal Last Quarters High.
YL, would equal Yesterdays Low.")


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