This script uses daily data points from Quandl which measure Bitcoin mining hashrate, and miner revenue, and averages the two. The two data sets are fairly zigzaggy, so to smooth the data I am use a John Ehlers' filter to reduce the noise. Why did I combine the two? Both have correlation to BTC price action, and by combining hashrate and revenue, I believe it produces a stronger and more accurate signal. At times when the background is green (also displayed with a green square at the bottom), conditions are good in Bitcoinland with miner revenue/hashrate going up. No color in the background and no dot, means the combined miner revenue and hashrate indicator is dropping, but nothing to get worried about. Seeing red dots on the bottom along with a red background signals a rapidly dropping rate of hashrate/miner revenue, and with a fairly strong correlation to the Bitcoin price. Not every red zone foretells a drop in the Bitcoin price, but a significant number of them do. I wrote this script as an early warning system for when to move out of Bitcoin . Use at your own risk. Feel free to modify this code to suit your personal needs. Please only use on BTC /USD pairs with 1D bars. Since there is only one data point per day published by Quandl, it will not give accurate data for shorter timeframes. Enjoy.

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